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Sermon Preacher Text Date Series Or Event
A Discouraged Child of God Rich Zawadzki Matt. 11:-15 18-Feb-18
Are You Ready? Rich Zawadzki Matt. 25:1-13 18-Feb-18
“The Essential Virtues of a Unified Church” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 4:2,3 14-Feb-18  “…the riches of his grace;”
“When Storms Come” Rich Zawadzki Acts 27:14-44 11-Feb-18
“The Christian’s Walk” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 4:1 7-Feb-18  “…the riches of his grace;”
Let’s Start a Rumor Rich Zawadzki Luke 7:1-18 4-Feb-18
“Unto Him” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:20-21 31-Jan-18  “…the riches of his grace;”
Coming Home Rich Zawadzki Luke 15:21-24 28-Jan-18
“…the riches of his grace…” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:16-19 24-Jan-18  “…the riches of his grace;”
Learning to Love Lost People Rich Zawadzki Mark 5:1-20 21-Jan-18
“Our Father…” Rich Zawadzki Matt. 6:1-24 21-Jan-18
“…for this cause…” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:14-15 17-Jan-18  “…the riches of his grace;”
He Doesn’t Throw the Clay Away Rich Zawadzki Jer. 18:1-6 14-Jan-18
How Far Are You Willing to Go for God? Drake Hathaway Luke 5:1-11 14-Jan-18
What Joy Is Cameron Giovanelli James 1 10-Jan-18
“…Demas hath forsaken me…” Rich Zawadzki II Tim. 4 7-Jan-18
The “Wise” Plan for LPBC Rich Zawadzki James 3 7-Jan-18
Building Your Life Rich Zawadzki Acts 20:28-38 3-Jan-18
“For God so loved the world…” Rich Zawadzki John 3:1-18 31-Dec-17
Defeating Discouragement Rich Zawadzki Psa. 42-43 27-Dec-17
“…peace, goodwill toward all men.” Rich Zawadzki Luke 2:1-20 24-Dec-17
“The Minister of the Mystery” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:10-13 20-Dec-17  “…the riches of his grace;”
“…let us run with patience…” Rich Zawadzki Heb. 12:1-11 17-Dec-17 Five Words Series
Telling Yourself the Truth Mark Messer Pro. 18:2 10-Dec-17
“I Am that I Am…” Rich Zawadzki Exo. 3:1-15 10-Dec-17 Five Words Series
Love Others Donald Sevigne Mark 12:30-31 6-Dec-17
The Will of God Dan White Eph. 5:17 3-Dec-17
“What is your life?” Bill Blount James 4:13 3-Dec-17
Love God Donald Sevigne Romans 12:30 29-Nov-17
Characteristics of a Caleb Rich Zawadzki Joshua 14:6-15 26-Nov-17
“Go and do thou likewise…” Rich Zawadzki Luke 10:25-37 26-Nov-17
“…for what is your life?” Rich Zawadzki James 4:1-17 19-Nov-17 Five Words Series
The Minister of the Mystery- Part 3 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:1 15-Nov-17
Ten Tried and True Truths for Troubled Times Rich Zawadzki Job 1:1-2:13 12-Nov-17
Uriah the Hittite Charlie Pudil II Sam. 14 12-Nov-17 Heroes Sunday
The Minister of the Mystery Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:2-6 8-Nov-17  “…the riches of his grace;”
“…Sirs, we would see Jesus.” Rich Zawadzki John 12:12-36 5-Nov-17
“…fulfill ye my joy…” Donald Sevigne Phil. 2:1-8 5-Nov-17
The Minister of the Mystery Rich Zawadzki Eph. 3:1 1-Nov-17  “…the riches of his grace;”
What Are You Thinking? Rich Zawadzki Phil. 4:1-19 29-Oct-17
“…but he believed in his God.” Rich Zawadzki Dan. 6:1-24 29-Oct-17  Five Words Series
“If the foundations be destroyed…” Rich Zawadzki Psa. 11:1-7 22-Oct-17  Five Words Series
Household of God – Part 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:19-22 18-Oct-17
Wonderful Words for Wounded Sheep Rich Zawadzki Luke 15:1-7 15-Oct-17
“…the fire is not quenched.” Rich Zawadzki Mark 9:33-50 15-Oct-17  Five Words Series
Our Influence Rich Zawadzki Acts 5:1-16 8-Oct-17
“…o ye of little faith…” Rich Zawadzki Matt. 6:19-33 8-Oct-17  Five Words Series
“…for He is our peace…” Part 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:14-18 4-Oct-17  “…the riches of his grace;”
Mountain Moving Faith Rich Zawadzki Mark 11:12-26 1-Oct-17
“…lean not unto thine own understanding…” Rich Zawadzki Prov. 3:1-8 1-Oct-17 Five Words Series
“For He is our peace…” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:14-18 24-Sep-17  “…the riches of his grace;”
The Marriage of the Millennia Mark Messer Matt. 22:1-14 24-Sep-17 Honor Marriage Sunday
“…marriage is honourable in all…” Rich Zawadzki Heb. 13:1-8 24-Sep-17 Honor Marriage Sunday
God’s Temple Eric Tharp Rev. 21:1-4 22-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
Loved Much, Forgiven Much Russ Tharp Luke 7:36-50 22-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
When God Puts You in a Storm Eric Tharp Mark 6:41-51 21-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
Look to the End Darren Tharp I Cor. 13:19 21-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
Bitterness Destroys Darren Tharp Heb. 12:14-15 20-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
“…Behold thy servant…” Russ Tharp II Sam. 9 20-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Antidote to Apostasy Russ Tharp Psa. 1 19-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Movement of God Eric Tharp Gen. 32:24-32 19-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
Examine me, O Lord Eric Tharp Psa. 26 18-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
“…consider Him…” Darren Tharp Heb. 12:1-3 18-Sep-17 2017 Old-Fashioned Revival
“…let your light so shine…” Rich Zawadzki Matt. 5:13-16 17-Sep-17
Ephesians Review  Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:1-14 13-Sep-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
“…God meant it unto good…” Rich Zawadzki Gen. 50:1-21 10-Sep-17
Don’t Assume, Just Pray Ian Brown Gen. 18:16-33 6-Sep-17
God’s Little Professors Rich Zawadzki Prov. 6:6-11 3-Sep-17
The Devil’s Distracting Device of Disunity Rich Zawadzki Eph. 4:1-16 3-Sep-17
Let Your Light So Shine Eric Tharp Matt. 5:13-16 31-Aug-17
A Needed But Neglected Friend Rich Zawadzki John 14:1-31 27-Aug-17
Where Is Your Faith? Rich Zawadzki Luke 8:1-25 27-Aug-17
Just a Matter of Time Rich Zawadzki Psalm 90:1-7 20-Aug-17
Commandments of the Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Deut. 6:1-9 20-Aug-17 Home Sweet Home
“…but if not..” Rich Zawadzki Dan 3:8-25 20-Aug-17
A Well From a Dry Valley Rich Zawadzki Psa. 84:1-12 16-Aug-17 Selah
The Shipwreck of the Christian Home Rich Zawadzki I Kings 3:5-14 13-Aug-17 Home Sweet Home
A Divinely Painted Picture Rich Zawadzki Gen. 22:1-20 13-Aug-17
The Key to Navigating Through a Crisis Rich Zawadzki Psa. 63:1-8 9-Aug-17
God Will Prove Us Doug Burton Romans 8:29 6-Aug-17
The Conflicts of the Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Matt. 19:3-9 6-Aug-17 Home Sweet Home
“…the wages of sin…” Rich Zawadzki Judg. 16:1-21 6-Aug-17
Trusting God in the Midst of Trouble Rich Zawadzki Psa. 56:1-13 2-Aug-17 Selah
The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have Rich Zawadzki John 15:1-17 30-Jul-17 Friend Day
The Discipline of the Christian Home Rich Zawadzki I Sam. 15:1-23 23-Jul-17 Home Sweet Home
The Church In One Accord Rich Zawadzki Acts 1:1-14 23-Jul-17
Down in the Dumps Rich Zawadzki Psa. 42:1-43 19-Jul-17 Selah
“…what mean these stones?” Rich Zawadzki Josh. 4 16-Jul-17 Homecoming Sunday
Lost Rich Zawadzki Luke 19:1-10 16-Jul-17
What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Rich Zawadzki Psa. 37:1-11 12-Jul-17 Selah
The Struture of the Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Eph. 5:21- 6:4 9-Jul-17 Home Sweet Home
He’s Still Working on Me Rich Zawadzki Psa. 32 5-Jul-17 Selah
America, Christians, and the Cultural Crisis Rich Zawadzki I Kings 16:19-23 2-Jul-17
“…when the long night is ended.” Rich Zawadzki Psa. 30:1-12 28-Jun-17 Selah
The Will of God Eric Tharp Acts 13:26-37 25-Jun-17
The Dark Patch Eric Tharp Isa. 50:10-11 25-Jun-17
God Always Provides Eric Tharp Gen. 22:1-8 25-Jun-17
A Firm Foundation? Mark Messer Matt. 7:15 21-Jun-17
Teach Them Diligently Matt Craig Deut. 6:1-6 18-Jun-17
Doing What Dad Said Rich Zawadzki Jer. 35:1-19 18-Jun-17
The Leadership of a Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Josh. 24:14-26 11-Jun-17 Home Sweet Home
The Real You Rich Zawadzki James 1:12-27 11-Jun-17
See Him Who is Invisible Rich Zawadzki Psa. 19:1-14 7-Jun-17 Selah
Don’t Get Used to It Donald Sevigne Judg. 6:1-16 4-Jun-17
The Pit of Pride Stephen Russ Esther 7:1-10 4-Jun-17
The Building of a Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Matt. 7:23-27 28-May-17 Home Sweet Home
Take Time to Remember Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 11:23-26 28-May-17
When God Seems Late Rich Zawadzki Psalm 13:1-6 24-May-17 Selah
The Importance of a Christian Home Rich Zawadzki Gen. 2:18-24 21-May-17 Home Sweet Home
“…a man of like passions…” Rich Zawadzki I Kings 19:1-4 21-May-17
The Blessed Man vs. the Ungodly Man Rich Zawadzki Psa. 1:1-6 17-May-17 Selah
Loving Your Bible Rich Zawadzki Psa. 119:1-48 14-May-17
The Mother of Boaz Rich Zawadzki Matt. 1:1-5 14-May-17
Once Far Off but Not Anymore Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:13 10-May-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
One Morsel of Meat Rich Zawadzki Pro. 4:23 7-May-17
Keeping a Warm Heart for God Rich Zawadzki Heb. 12:14-17 7-May-17
Don’t Forget Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:11-12 3-May-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
Take a Step of Faith Tim Rader Psa. 122:1 30-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
The Doctrine of Joy Tim Rader Rom. 8:31-39 30-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
Your Prayer Closet Tim Rader Psa. 51:1-10 28-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
Surrender to God Tim Rader I Cor. 1:18-28 27-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
Consider Your Ways Tim Rader Hag. 1 & 2 26-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
The Church of Philadelpia Tim Rader Rev. 3:7-13 25-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
Be a Conduit Tim Rader Phil. 4:19 24-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
The Great Struggle Rich Zawadzki Matt. 8:23-27 23-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
The Impairment to Involvement Rich Zawadzki Lam. 3:51 23-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
Sunday School- Missions Giving Rich Zawadzki II Cor. 8:1-5 23-Apr-17 2017 Missions Conference
To the Work! Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 3:9-15 16-Apr-17
”…as he is, so are we in this world.”  Rich Zawadzki I John 4:1-21 16-Apr-17
The Device of Divisiveness Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 1:1-10 9-Apr-17
The Philharmonic Family of God Mark Messer Psa. 133:1 5-Apr-17
What to Pray for in the Storm Ian Brown Mark 4:37 2-Apr-17
Each One Reach One Donald Sevigne Mark 16:15 2-Apr-17
“…the riches of his grace;” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:7 29-Mar-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
“Greater love hath no man than this…” Rich Zawadzki John 15:13 26-Mar-17
“…there they crucified him…” Rich Zawadzki Luke 23:13-33 26-Mar-17
The Blood in the Bible Aaron Pratt Rom. 3 22-Mar-17
Apologetics Bob Castle I Pet. 3:10-13 19-Mar-17
“I Know Whom I have Believed” Bob Castle II Tim. 1:1-12 19-Mar-17
Teen Spec Testimonies 2017- Part 2 LPBC Teens 19-Mar-17
Teen Spec Testimonies 2017- Part 1 LPBC Teens 19-Mar-17
Hope in God Donald Sevigne Psa. 34:15-24 12-Mar-17
The Word of God Shannon Lemmon Rom. 10:17 8-Mar-17
The Mission of the Church Rich Zawadzki Matt. 28:16-20 5-Mar-17 The Family of God – The Local Church
“Ye Must Be Born Again” Rich Zawadzki John 3:1-21 5-Mar-17
The Believer B. G. – Part 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:4 1-Mar-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Pattern of The Local Church Rich Zawadzki Acts 2:1-47 26-Feb-17 The Family of God – The Local Church
“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Rich Zawadzki Luke 1:26-38 26-Feb-17
Are You Exhibiting God Love? Ben White I Cor. 13:4-7 22-Feb-17
The Authority of the Local Church Rich Zawadzki II Tim. 3:1-17 19-Feb-17 The Family of God – The Local Church
Getting Up After the Devil Knocks You Down Rich Zawadzki II Sam. 12:1-15 19-Feb-17
My Hero Jean- Phillipe Filion Psa. 145:1-21 19-Feb-17
The Believer BG Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:4 15-Feb-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Membership of the Church Rich Zawadzki Rom. 12:1-5 12-Feb-17 The Family of God – The Local Church
Look! Rich Zawadzki Isa. 6:1-8 12-Feb-17
The Believer BC Rich Zawadzki Eph. 2:1-3 8-Feb-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
“The Family of God” Rich Zawadzki Acts 2:29-49 5-Feb-17 The Family of God – The Local Church
“…doctrines of devils;” Rich Zawadzki I Tim. 3:14-4:16 5-Feb-17
“…the riches of his grace;” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:21-23 1-Feb-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
When Christ Returns Rich Zawadzki Jam. 5:1-12 29-Jan-17
“…but he refused…” Rich Zawadzki Gen. 39:1-9 29-Jan-17
Paul’s Prayer for the Saints at Ephesus – Pt. 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:19-21 25-Jan-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
Our Own Timothy Rich Zawadzki Phil. 1:1-24 22-Jan-17 Sevigne’s 5th Anniversary
Valley University Rich Zawadzki Isa. 40:1-8 22-Jan-17
Paul’s Prayer for the Saints at Ephesus – Pt. 1 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:17-18 18-Jan-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
Lessons I’ve Learned from LPBC Donald Sevigne Psa. 126:3 15-Jan-17
“…What mean ye by these stones?” Donald Sevigne Josh. 4:1-8 15-Jan-17
The Testimony of Ephesus Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:15-16 11-Jan-17 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Binding Attitude of Bitterness Rich Zawadzki Heb. 12:15-17 8-Jan-17
“…an expected end.” Rich Zawadzki Jer. 29:1-14 8-Jan-17
Rejoice! Donald Sevigne Phil. 4:4 4-Jan-17
Looking Through the Lens of Love Rich Zawadzki I John 4:7-21 1-Jan-17
“…this good work.” Rich Zawadzki Neh. 2:18-4:6 1-Jan-17
Jonah Fred Robles Jon. 4:2-3 28-Dec-16
It’s THE Wonderful Life Rich Zawadzki Matt. 1:18-25 25-Dec-16
A Kinder Kingdom Mark Messer Eph. 4:32 21-Dec-16
Christmas Cheer Every Day of the Year Rich Zawadzki Matt. 9:1-26 18-Dec-16
Doing What You Can By Using What You Have Rich Zawadzki Mark 14:1-9 11-Dec-16
The Process of Salvation Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:12-13 7-Dec-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Average Rich Zawadzki Num. 32:1-23 4-Dec-16
The Number 1 Priority for Every Christian Rich Zawadzki Matt. 6:24-34 4-Dec-16
“…the praise of his glory,” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:11-12 30-Nov-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Satan’s Sifting Cycles Rich Zawadzki Luke 22:24-28 27-Nov-16
A Message for Everyone Rich Zawadzki I John 1:7-22 27-Nov-16
“…Joshua…Moses’ minister…” Rich Zawadzki Josh. 1:1-9 20-Nov-16
“Where…the fire is not quenched.” Rich Zawadzki Mark 9:42-50 20-Nov-16
Your Best Donald Sevigne Ecc. 9:10 16-Nov-16
God is Good Rich Zawadzki Psa. 36:1-12 13-Nov-16
Seeing Jesus Rich Zawadzki John 12:12-36 13-Nov-16
Do I Need Revival?  Matt White Psa.  85:6 11-Nov-16
Casting Our Most Important Vote Derek Hagland Josh. 24:14 11-Nov-16
His Divine Purpose Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:9-10 9-Nov-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Doing the Impossible In the Storm Rich Zawadzki Matt. 14:22-23 6-Nov-16
The Last Hope Rich Zawadzki Rev. 2:1-29 6-Nov-16
The Word of God Steve McKinley I Thess. 1:3-6 6-Nov-16
Encouraging Others Donald Sevigne Ecc. 4:9-12 2-Nov-16
From Step to Walk Rich Zawadzki Heb. 5:12-14 30-Oct-16
The Stewardship of the Sanctuary Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 12:13-27 30-Oct-16 Stewardship Series
“…according to the riches of his grace.” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:7-9 26-Oct-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
What You Miss When You Miss Rich Zawadzki John 20:19-31 23-Oct-16
The Stewardship of Seconds Rich Zawadzki Psa. 90:9-12 23-Oct-16 Stewardship Series
“In whom we have redemption…”- Part 3 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:7 19-Oct-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Simple Solution Rich Zawadzki Phil. 2:1-11 16-Oct-16
The Stewardship of Silver Rich Zawadzki Mal. 3:6-12 16-Oct-16 Stewardship Series
“In whom we have redemption…”- Part 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:7 12-Oct-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Pouting Prophet Rich Zawadzki Jon. 4:1-11 9-Oct-16 Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet
The Stewardship of Self Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 6:15-20 9-Oct-16 Stewardship Series
“In whom we have redemption…” – Part 1 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:7 5-Oct-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Out of the Pit Dan Souza Psa. 40:1-17 2-Oct-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
Jesus Bore It All Dan Souza Matt. 27:26-36 2-Oct-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
How To Resist Temptation Dan Souza I John 1:9 2-Oct-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Secret Place of Prayer Dan Souza Psa. 91:1-16 1-Oct-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Second Death Dan Souza Rev. 20:1-7 30-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
“Does God Always Give A Second Chance?” Dan Souza Luke 13:6-9 29-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
“In everything give thanks…” Dan Souza I Thess. 5:18 28-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
Mini-Christians Dan Souza I Cor. 13:11 27-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Power of God Dan Souza Acts 1:8 26-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
Are You Willing To Let God Make You? Dan Souza Matt. 4:17-22 25-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
Just a Closer Walk With Thee Dan Souza Gal. 6 25-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Vail of God Dan Souza Exo. 26:31 25-Sep-16 2016 Old-Fashioned Revival
The Privileged Prophet Rich Zawadzki Jon. 2:10- 3:10 18-Sep-16 Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet
You Are What You Eat Mark Messer I Sam. 16:23 18-Sep-16
A Home-Wrecker Like No Other Rich Zawadzki Eph. 4:17-32 18-Sep-16
“…unto the adoption of children.” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:5 14-Sep-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Light in Their Dwellings Rich Zawadzki Exo. 10:12-29 11-Sep-16
Most Important Days of the Gospel Aaron Wilson Phil. 1:1-6 11-Sep-16
Having Predestinated Us Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:5 7-Sep-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
The Church that Pleases Christ Rich Zawadzki Col. 2:1-23 4-Sep-16
Faith of Our Fathers Rich Zawadzki Heb. 11:1-40 31-Aug-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
The Prodigal Prophet Rich Zawadzki Jon. 1:1-17 28-Aug-16 Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet
Go One More Round Robert Downing Deut. 31:6 28-Aug-16
Taking Spiritual Inventory Rich Zawadzki Luke 15:11-24 28-Aug-16
Faith for Noah’s Day Rich Zawadzki Matt. 24:36-44 24-Aug-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
“If we confess…” Rich Zawadzki I John 1:1-10 21-Aug-16
“..then cometh the wicked one…” Rich Zawadzki Matt. 13:3-9 & 18-23 21-Aug-16
Sticking by the Stuff Aaron Pratt I Sam. 30:13-24 17-Aug-16
Serving Your Generation Rich Zawadzki Acts 13:14-41 14-Aug-16
Can You Really Know? Rich Zawadzki I John 5:1-13 14-Aug-16
Serving by the Word Jason Ottensen Psa. 119:17-24 10-Aug-16
Disaster of Disobedience Rich Zawadzki I Sam. 15:1-23 7-Aug-16
Guidance Seth Green I Kings 19:11 3-Aug-16
“…for Jonathan’s sake…” Rich Zawadzki I Sam. 9:1-13 31-Jul-16 Friend Day
How to Get Through Your Red Seas Rick Mitchell Exo. 14:1-31 31-Jul-16 Friend Day
What Really Matters Rich Zawadzki Matt. 6:19-24 24-Jul-16
A Saved Soul and a Lost Life Rich Zawadzki Gen. 19:1-38 24-Jul-16
“…great faith…” Rich Zawadzki Luke 7:1-10 20-Jul-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
God’s Roofing Crew Rich Zawadzki Mark 2:1-12 17-Jul-16
Sowing Seed at Spartan Stadium Brandon Heselschwerdt Matt. 7:13-29 17-Jul-16
Unsinkable Rich Zawadzki I Thess. 5:1-8 17-Jul-16
Water Mark Messer Psa. 143:1-12 13-Jul-16
An Equal Measure Rich Zawadzki Luke 7:36-50 10-Jul-16
Hell in the Church Rich Zawadzki Luke 16:19-31 10-Jul-16
A Dynamic Church Edgar Nono  Acts 2:40-47 6-Jul-16
The Vital Importance of God’s Little Flock Rich Zawadzki Isa. 1:1-20 3-Jul-16
“…little faith…” Rich Zawadzki Matt. 6:30-34 29-Jun-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
Taming a Wild Fire Rich Zawadzki Jam. 3:1-18 26-Jun-16
A Soft Pillow from God Rich Zawadzki Rom. 8:16-39 26-Jun-16
The Importance of Faith Rich Zawadzki Heb. 11:1-6 22-Jun-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
How Satan Steals Our Hearts Chad Correia II Sam. 15:1-6 19-Jun-16 Father’s Day
A Father’s Mission Field Chad Correia Eph. 6:1-4 19-Jun-16 Father’s Day
“…the faith…” Rich Zawadzki Jude 1-3 15-Jun-16 “…the substance of things hoped for…”
“This charge I commit unto thee…” Rich Zawadzki I Tim. 1:1-20 12-Jun-16 Pastor Mark Messer Commissioning Service
“Let not your heart be troubled…” Rich Zawadzki John 14:1-31 12-Jun-16
Spending Time at the Feet of Jesus Bob Hamlen Luke 10:38-42 8-Jun-16
Stay Broken Donald Sevigne Psa. 129:1-8 5-Jun-16 Honor the Graduates
Get Stirred Up Stephen Miller Exo. 35:20-29 5-Jun-16
How to Get to the Praise Point Kurt Skelly Gen. 29:1-35 4-Jun-16 “Build Your Life on Christ” LPBC Youth Conference
What’s Your Price? Stephen Miller I Kings 21:3 4-Jun-16 “Build Your Life on Christ” LPBC Youth Conference
Inner Beauty Bethany Pratt I Pet. 3:3-4 3-Jun-16 “Build Your Life on Christ” LPBC Youth Conference
What Is Your Life? Kurt Skelly Jam. 4:14 3-Jun-16 “Build Your Life on Christ” LPBC Youth Conference
Build Your Life On Christ Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 3:9-15 1-Jun-16 Youth Conference Night
Worn Out Saints Rich Zawadzki Dan. 7:15-28 29-May-16
Remember Rich Zawadzki I Cor. 11:23-26 29-May-16
“Settle it therefore in your hearts…” Rich Zawadzki Luke 21:14 22-May-16
The Voice of God Rich Zawadzki Exo. 3:1-22 22-May-16
“…he hath chosen us…”- Part 3 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:4 18-May-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Keeping Idolatry at Bay Aaron Pratt II Chron. 34:1-2 15-May-16
The Unbelievable Gospel Rich Zawadzki Isa. 53:1-12 15-May-16
The World Is Still Hungry Donald Sevigne Matt. 14:14 11-May-16
How to Love Your Pastor Donald Sevigne Exo. 17:9-12 8-May-16
My Mother Donald Sevigne Pro. 31:10-31 8-May-16 Mother’s Day
Who Is This Jesus? Stephen Williamson Matt. 21:1-11 1-May-16 2016 Missions Conference
Lord, Increase Our Faith Stephen Williamson II Cor. 8:1-12 1-May-16 2016 Missions Conference
Have You Really Chosen to Submit Damon Matacchiera Jam. 4:7-8 1-May-16 2016 Missions Conference
How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? Stephen Williamson Rom. 10:13-14 29-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
Putting First Things First Stephen Williamson Matt. 6:19-24 28-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
Much is Required Stephen Williamson Psa. 112:1 27-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
A Missions-Minded Church Stephen Williamson Acts 13:1-5 26-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
Destroy the Works of the Devil Stephen Williamson I John 3:8 25-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
“…what are they among so many?” Rich Zawadzki John 6:9 24-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
“Give…” Rich Zawadzki Luke 6:27-38 24-Apr-16 2016 Missions Conference
“…he hath chosen us…” Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:4 20-Apr-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
A Failure Who Made Good Rich Zawadzki Acts 12:24-25 17-Apr-16
“…sin when it is finished…” Rich Zawadzki I Sam. 31:1-6 17-Apr-16
Worshipping God Matt Craig Gen. 4:25 10-Apr-16
God’s Part & Our Part In Building the Church Rich Zawadzki Eph. 5:1-18 10-Apr-16
Branches That Must Be Pruned Matt Craig John 15:1-7 6-Apr-16
A Good Time to Make a Bad Decision Rich Zawadzki Gen. 25:19-34 3-Apr-16
The Dangers of Drifting Rich Zawadzki Heb. 2:1-18 3-Apr-16
All Spiritual Blessings Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:3 30-Mar-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Christ’ Command for Communion Rich Zawadzki Matt. 26:20-29 27-Mar-16 Resurrection Sunday
The Greatness of Morning Rich Zawadzki Matt. 28:1-20 27-Mar-16 Resurrection Sunday
The Ideal Church Member Rich Zawadzki Acts 11:20-26 20-Mar-16
The Supreme Statement of Submission Rich Zawadzki Luke 24:44-49 20-Mar-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
The Greeting of The Apostle Paul – Part 4 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:2 16-Mar-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Enemies of a Spiritual Life Rich Zawadzki Psa. 31:1-24 13-Mar-16
The Supreme Statement of Completion Rich Zawadzki John 19:17-30 13-Mar-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
The Greeting of the Apostle Paul – Part 3 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:2 9-Mar-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Teen Spec Testimonies LPBC Teens Jam. 3:5 6-Mar-16 Teen Spec Testimonies
The Supreme Statement of Affliction Rich Zawadzki John 19:17-29 6-Mar-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
The Greeting of the Apostle Paul – Part 2 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:1 2-Mar-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Watch Your Carbs! Rich Zawadzki Luke 12:1-20 28-Feb-16
The Supreme Statement of Separation Rich Zawadzki Matt. 27:39-49 28-Feb-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
Compassion John Vaprezsan Jude 22 21-Feb-16
The Power of the Holy Spirit John Vaprezsan Rom. 8:1-15 21-Feb-16
Where Is Your Secret Place? John Vaprezsan Matt. 6:1-6 21-Feb-16
Moving Forward Jerry Collins Gen. 26:12-14 17-Feb-16
Dealing With Difficulty Rich Zawadzki Jer. 29:1-14 14-Feb-16
The Supreme Statement of Affection Rich Zawadzki John 19:16-27 24-Feb-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
The Greeting of the Apostle Paul – Part 1 Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:1 10-Feb-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Beware Of Thorns In Your Garden Rich Zawadzki Mark 4:1-20 7-Feb-16
The Supreme Statement of Salvation Rich Zawadzki Luke 23:32-45 7-Feb-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
Ephesus Rich Zawadzki Eph. 1:1 3-Feb-16 “…the riches of his grace;”
Give Me That Mountain Ian Brown Josh. 14:6-15 31-Jan-16
The Supreme Statement of Forgiveness Rich Zawadzki Luke 23:13-34 31-Jan-16 The Seven Supreme Statements of the Saviour
A Closing Prayer Rich Zawadzki Psa. 119:169-176 27-Jan-16 “…faith cometh by hearing…”
Battling with the Philistines Aaron Pratt I Sam. 29:1 24-Jan-16
Is He Preeminent? Rich Zawadzki Col. 1:3-22 24-Jan-16
Walk in the Light Aaron Pratt I John 1:1 24-Jan-16
Peace In Persecution Rich Zawadzki Psa. 119:161-168 20-Jan-16 “…faith cometh by hearing…”
Keep The Home Fires Burning Rich Zawadzki Acts 11:19-30 17-Jan-16
Can You Really Know? Rich Zawadzki I John 5:1-13 17-Jan-16
Life’s Minor Chord Rich Zawadzki Psa. 119:153-160 13-Jan-16 “…faith cometh by hearing…”
Playing Dead Or Staying Dead Rich Zawadzki Rom. 6:1-23 10-Jan-16
Sad Man Walking Rich Zawadzki Mark 10:17-27 10-Jan-16
“Let brotherly love continue.” Rich Zawadzki Heb. 13:1-17 6-Jan-16
What The Prodigal’s Father Did Right Rich Zawadzki Luke 15:1-32 3-Jan-16
Can You Do Something Great for God? Rich Zawadzki Judg. 6:1-16 3-Jan-16